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Free software to track your income, expenses and budget with various reports
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Spending Viewer
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21 March 2012

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This is a software utility that helps keep track of spending and manage budget.

Spending Viewer makes it easy to track spending and budget. To help the tool all that you have to do is to enter the expenditures. You could enter a bulk of expenditures at a time too to ease the process. You have to assign a category to an expense of course, the program cannot determine this automatically. But, when this is done the first time, the program will keep track and expenses going to a particular store or the payee will be assigned the same category next time on. You are then able to simply upload the stuff and let the program consolidate the expenses into the right categories. All these transactions can viewed for a period of time or by account. Tracking all the accounts is simple too.

Setting up of a monthly budget is possible and you can simply watch how the budget is holding as expenses are taken into account. This can be set up for different time periods for your convenience. The tool makes it possible to view reports over months or over the years, if you want. It will be possible to view all the expenses at one time too. Functionality include managing payees and banks. The interface is simple and intuitive. Most users will be able to figure out how to use it in very quick time. This is a very good product and if you are looking for a tool like this, this could be it.

Publisher's description

Spending Viewer makes it easy to track spending and budget. It allows you to upload transactions in a bulk or manually enter them as needed. You only need to assign a category once for a store/payee, and if you upload transactions from same store/payee, spending viewer automatically assigns them to same category, making it easy to simply upload and start tracking. It has lot of report options you can view the spending and track. Features: 1. One place to track all of your accounts. 2. View all transactions by account and search by various time periods with one click. 3. Upload Transactions in QIF, QFX standard formats. 4. Entering transactions manually. 5. Set up your monthly budget. 6. View your spending compared to budget in a report - for various time periods. 7. Lot of reports to help you save more. 8. View Report By Category. 9. View Report By Category Over Months. 10. View Report By Category Over Years. 11. View Report By Payee. 12. View Report By Payee Over Months. 13. View Report By Payee Over Years. 14. View Report By Months. 15. View All Transactions at once. 16. Manage Payees. 17. Manage Banks.
Spending Viewer
Spending Viewer
Version 2.0
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